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Professional Learning

At CMS we offer a learning environment to which teachers respond with great motivation and energy. Expectations are high and the rewards are many. “Focused on Learning” is part of our vision and there is a strong commitment to professional development for all staff. Teachers contribute to planned developments and lead wherever possible. We also bring in external providers from Dominican Republic and other countries to deliver programs.

In the Tri Association region there are also a number of organizations that provide up-to-date training, and teachers regularly attend courses and workshops and return to school to share information with colleagues. Teachers attend workshops organized by the Advanced Placement (AP) Program, Tri Association Conference in the ACCAS region, as well as throughout the United States and Europe. Regularly teachers attend the Buffalo Masters and Leadership courses offered on site (See Buffalo State University section of website for more information) and are also encouraged to take online courses in their discipline.  

The professional development budget supports individual continuation of professional development for staff and has been increased annually over the last several years. Teachers receive a small stipend for attending the Buffalo courses.

As you will read in other parts of the website, onsite presenters during the 2011 school year included specialists in PBLs, Drug and Alcohol counseling, local experts on economy, and representatives from may colleges and universities.

The continuing professional development opportunities provided by and supported by the school help our teachers to grow professionally while they are in Santo Domingo. When they move on to new posts they take with them enhanced skills and a wealth of experience.

We encourage our teachers to develop a professional portfolio detailing their achievements during their time at Santo Domingo.