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HS Counseling

The School Counselor helps students select and schedule courses. The course selection process, however, is but one part of the Counselor's involvement in the total educational experience of each student. The Counseling Department is committed to helping all students make the best possible use of their educational opportunities. For each student, this involves an ongoing examination of the self in a changing world. It means carefully selecting courses and then answering the question, "How does it all fit together for me and where do I want to go with it?”

Most students need some help with self-understanding, decision making, and relating to others, as well as with obtaining information about course selection, careers, and further education. This help is offered by School Counselors through individual conferences, group discussions and informational programs. It is also the aim of the Counseling Department to work closely with parents, teachers, administrators and others in the school and community. The greater the communication, the more opportunity there is for solving problems that may interfere with the learning process and for expanding resources available to students. This, in turn, enables young people to contribute more fully to the community.

HS Counselors

Marc Rosegold is a licensed School Counselor (M.S.) who has been working as a high school counselor at Crescent Valley High School in Corvallis, Oregon. He has extensive experience at both high school and middle school levels in both counseling and teaching (science). At Carol Morgan School he works with high school students in grades 9-12 with surnames H-Z, helping them with social-emotional concerns, academic planning and the college process. Mr. Rosegold also serves as AP Coordinator and helps facilitate college visits and fairs on campus.

Please feel free to contact him:

Marc Rosegold


Rachael Gerbic is a licensed Marriage, Family, and Child Therapist (MFT) who has worked in five International schools around the globe. At Carol Morgan School she works with high school students in grades 9-12 with surnames A-G, helping them with social-emotional concerns as well as academic planning and college research and applications. Ms. Gerbic is the leader and trainer of the HS Peer Helpers/Peer Mediation group.


Please feel free to contact her:

Rachael Gerbic


Rosa María Marmolejos is a licensed clinical psychologist who has worked as a volunteer in different medical institutions of the Dominican Republic. Her passion has always been to work with kids; she has worked as an English Language teacher for almost ten years. She is now working at Carol Morgan School assisting Ms. Gerbic and Mr. Rosegold.



Please feel free to contact her:

Rosa María Marmolejos


Carol Morgan School Counseling Program Mission

The Counseling Department at Carol Morgan supports all students through a comprehensive and developmental approach that addresses the four domains outlined by the International Model for School Counseling – academic, personal/social, career and global perspective. The well-articulated preK-12 counseling program provides instruction, support and caring at every level. Services are provided to maximize the academic achievement of all students and promote the necessary skills, attitudes, and beliefs for all students to strengthen their unique capabilities and enable them to participate in a global society as responsible citizens.