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Optimal Learning Center

The Optimal Learning Center (OLC) is a resource at CMS. Its goal is to provide an optimal level of services to ensure the success of identified students school wide.

English Language Learner
About 80% of the students at Carol Morgan School are first language Spanish speakers. Therefore, our ELL program (K-5) plays an important role in helping students succeed in an English immersion environment. The ELL specialists and classroom/subject area teachers work together to reinforce four skills (Oral Language, Reading, Writing, Study Skills) in English to promote success in the student’s academic growth as they acquire the English language.

Learning Support Services
Early Intervention Program (EI): The EI provides support services in Kindergarten and First grade in academic readiness and skill reinforcement to ensure a solid foundation in the early years.

Learning Support Program
The LS (grades K-5) emphasizes the cognitive and academic skill intervention necessary for learning and social development. A strong focus is placed on literacy (remedial reading and writing instruction), math intervention, and executive functioning skills as they are key to student’s future success.