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Contact Us

If you wish to set up an appointment with the Elementary School Principal, Assistant Principal, or one of the Elementary School teachers, please contact the Principal's Secretary Luz Espaillat. You may also contact her if you have questions about Elementary School activities.
Luz Espaillat

The ES Principal is Jennifer Stockbridge. If you are interested in further information about the elementary school program, you may schedule an appointment with the principal's secretary:
Jennifer Stockbridge

The ES Assistant Principal is Najela Hammond. Please contact her if you have concerns about student discipline, the student parent handbook, or class schedules. 
Najela Hammond

The ES Administrative Assistant is Fernanda García. Please contact her if you have questions about the Parent Teacher Organization or Student Council activities.
Fernanda García

The Elementary Attendance Secretary is Angela Hernández. Please call her regarding student attendance.
Angela Hernández

The Optimal Learning Center Director is Paula Cline. Please contact her if you would like more information regarding OLC services.
Paula Cline

The Optimal Learning Center Secretary is Mary Marti. Please contact her if you would like to schedule a meeting with any of the OLC specialists.
Mary Marti


If you need to contact us through the United States mail, the address to write is:
Carol Morgan School 
Elementary School Office
CPS 224
P O Box 149020
Coral Gables, FL 33114-9020