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Health Office

Health plays an important role in the learning process of each child so in Carol Morgan School of Santo Domingo we care about ensuring a complete medical service that allow your children and our staff to spend their time in school as healthy as possible.

For this, we have created a medical service platform that allows us to guarantee a fast and efficient medical attention for your kids. We provide the following medical services to student:

  • Health assessment for all students and staff
  • First aids attention
  • Health screening
  • Personalized health care plans for special needs
  • Transfer to emergencies in private ambulance services
  • Basic medication stock for common medical illness
  • Personal stock for individual medications
  • Ambulatory first aid kit for field trips
  • Medical support for sports activities and tournaments

Our medical staff consists of 3 doctors certified by local universities, full bilingual and with good human relations that allows to guarantee the communication between our school and the parents and the caring of your kids.

Sharing Medical Information with the School
To know the health conditions of your kids, allow us to serve better to you kids, for this we have created 2 forms (English and Spanish version) that summarized the medical information you want to share with the school.

Please click in the file that you prefer:
Health Form
Formulario de Salud

Working Hours
Monday to Thursday (from 7:30 am – 6:00 pm)
Friday (7:30 am – 3:00 pm)
* Special schedule in case of school activities on campus


Health Office
809-947-1000 ext. 1028 & 1029