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Community Service

The Carol Morgan School strives to enrich each student’s educational experience, foster passion for learning and promotes character and civic responsibility through our Service Learning and Community Service Programs. It is our purpose to create awareness, social responsibility, and motivate students to practice citizenship as contributing members of a multicultural global society in an ever changing world. Students are able to demonstrate leadership and team working skills, self-reliance and confidence, multicultural sensitivity and respect for differences. Community service teaches every student through the experience of helping a community. It teaches students that we as individuals have the power of making a difference in our lives, other people’s lives and our world.

Our CMS program has variety of activities and opportunities for students to get involved in throughout the school year and summer break.  Students are able to get involve in many community service clubs with different learning focuses. This gives the chance for our students to experience and develop their interests by transmitting their knowledge, using their abilities to teach, foster and help others in need.

We are proud of the involvement our students have in our CMS community service program and the contribution in the different communities they have helped, the lives of the children, adults and elderly they have touched and the environments and nature they have helped throughout the years. 


Mirna Ortega
School-Wide Community Service Coordinator


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