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Business Office

Our role as Business Manager includes the coordination of a variety of functions. Among others we could mention the School Financial Management; Financial Accounting; Managerial Accounting; Purchasing; Warehousing; Recording Fixed Assets, Human Resources Management; Payroll; Provision of Health Care; provision of services at the Copy Room and the Bookstore. We are committed to accomplish our goals and objectives.  Our objectives are individually defined at the beginning of each calendar year, and we have defined the following as our goals:

Goals of the Business Office

Assist in the operations needed to meet the educational goals of the CMS in financial accounting terms by tracking, controlling, recording, accumulating, categorizing and reporting CMS financial activity.

Provide with adequate cash management by ensuring cash availability (liquidity) to meet the daily needs, and to increase the amount available for investment purposes –Availability; by earning the maximum return on cash invested –Yield; and by protecting the assets and books of the school against loss or abuse –Safety.

Provide leadership in administrative accounting by coordinating the yearly projections and closely monitoring that the approved budget has the following features: Unity –Detailed revenue and expenditure forecasts; Regularity –Prepared annually; Clarity –All sources of revenue are identified and the expenses are clearly broken down by line items, with all elements displayed in a manner that is understandable; Balance –a zero-based budget; Publicity –Made public to the community through the Budget Hearing; Operational Adequacy –The detailed expenditures in the budget should be adequate to provide the services required to meet the school mission and goals.

Assist in personnel management, a crucial role, since schools are first and fundamentally peopled organizations, and CMS is not an exception. This will be accomplished by determining staffing needs, recruiting competent people, helping in development of individual competencies, assuring that employees are assigned and utilized efficiently according to the full extent of their skills, increasing and improving employee satisfaction, and establishing clearly defined work expectations along with competent evaluations   

Francisco Rodríguez
Business Manager